smartWLI dual

 smartWLI dual combines the advantages of other sensors

The smartWLI dual is an ultimate high-end sensor. The dual tube configuration with 2 magnifications, 2 cameras, 2 LEDs and up to 4 objectives inside of a motorized turret allows the instant switch to a task optimized sensor configuration, without the disadvantages of zoom objectives and selection between extreme speed and extreme resolution cameras.
Various stands, granite portals, vibration dumping systems and automated tip-tilt devices can allows the configuration of customized optical 3d profilers using the smartWLI dual as the key component for high performance measurements.
The SDK including C++ and C# libraries as well as source code for sample application allows the easy integration of the sensor in high end measuring stations for semiconductors and optics.

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Using coherence scanning (white-light) interferometry to measure roughness and micro geometries

Coherence scanning (white-light) interferometry provide a much higher resolution than competitive optical 3d measuring principles as confocal microscopy, focus variation, chromatic confocal sensors, fringe projection or laser triangulation sensors. As microscopical optical measuring principle the GBScanner can be configurated using interference objectives with magnification from 2.5x up to 115x. Structures starting from lateral seize of app. 0.3 µm can be resolved. The upper limit is several mm² for single scans and several cm² for stitched areas.


Advantages of smartWLI sensors and optical profilers compared to other coherence scanning (white-light) interferometer

High speed cameras combined with massive parallel data processing allows to accelerate the data acquisition and evaluation processes and make the systems robust and less sensitive against vibrations. The acceleration enables data acquisition and stitching of several 100 single scans with typical cycle times of 1…3 seconds per single scan. The data processing including contrast enhancement, model-based signal correction and data quality surveillance enables to pick up weak signals on high sloped areas.

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