About us

The Gesellschaft für Bild- und Signalverarbeitung (GBS) mbH was founded in 1997. GBS mbH develops, manufactures and sells surface measurement technology for recording and evaluating micro-geometries, surface structures and roughness. Our products include:

• optical 3D sensors
• 3D optical profilometer
• Portal measuring devices and production-related measuring stations

Massive parallel image processing on high-performance GPGPUs (general purpose graphic processing units) allows the shortest measuring times to be achieved and the measuring devices and 3D sensors can be used not only in the laboratory but also in production and inline. The measuring method used, white light interferometry (coherence scanning interferometry), allows a wide variety of surfaces to be recorded with extreme resolution.

A product line of GBS mbH is the 3-D surface metrology for micro and nanostructures based on white light interferometry under the name "smartWLI".