smartWLI Systeme in Paris und Peking

Die smartWLI Systeme werden von unseren Partnern in Paris und Peking

International Conference in Metrology from 19th -21st September in Paris

Schaefer Techniques /

Sixth World Tribology Congress 2017 on the 17th – 22nd September in Beijing, booth 24/25

WinWinTec UG /


Using powerfull FPGA’s or grafic cards enables Speedytec the systems to an vertical scanning speed up to 150 µm still using the full xy resolution of an 2 MP camera. This peak values for white light interferometric sensors can be used to scan large objects with atomar height resolution as well as extrem high point densities. The algorithms are optimized for best results on steep flanks.


Fast scanning of an insert combining roughness and form measurements:

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