Exclusivvertrag mit Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

Neuer Vertrag bringt die optischen 3D Oberflächensensoren der "smartWLI serie" in Japan auf den Markt.

GBS(Gesellschaft für Bild- und Signalverarbeitung mbH, Main Office:Germany、President:Torsen Machleidt) conclude exclusive sales contract with Canon Marketing Japan Inc. (Canon MJ)(President & Representative Director:Masahiro Sakata)Optical three-dimensional surface profiler in Japan, sales four kind of “smartWLI series” from 14th of March.

The optical three-dimensional surface profiler is measuring equipment for a surface topography of precision machined parts, automotive parts, electrical parts, and functional parts on manufacturing process and quality inspection segment with non-contact. As for the coherence scanning interferometer (CSI) that is international standard ISO25178-6 of the three-dimensional surface property measurement (Japanese standard JIS B0681-6), high verticality sensitivity not to depend on the field of view (magnification of the interferometric objective lens) for enlarges the application range with a feature. A lightweight and a unique measurement heads are demanded from the inspection in the production in-line, an onmachine-measurement to measure a large part, and the inner wall measurement of the engine cylinder.
A superior image processing technology of the inspection for the industry was established as a base in 1997, and GBS produced the optical three-dimensional surface profilers of the CSI from 2008. The advanced feature is the three-dimensional surface profiler of GBS balanced
operation speed with high density pixel data by the high-speed operation processing using the exclusive image processing board (GPU). From "smartWLI compact" of small and light weight model to "smartWLI Cylinderinspector" of the model for exclusive use of the measurement of
the engine cylinder inner wall, Canon MJ prepares an abundant lineup and realize the measurement of the narrows place of the on machine measurement that I was not able to cope with conventionally, the cylinder. In addition, with good points such as the handling of highdensity
surface irregularity data, the analysis software in conformity with the international standard, the flexibility of the measurement head, Canon MJ meets various measurement needs of the visitor for the three-dimensional surface property. Canon MJ sells an optical three-dimensional surface profiler of GBS as process of manufacture and quality check uses such as the exact processing parts, motor parts, electronic
parts, functional material.
Canon MJ makes use of the experience of tech support and the field service after import and sales and the delivery of the longtime optical measurement apparatus and expand a product lineup, service to meet market needs in future and enlarge metering equipment business.

Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
Canon Marketing Japan Inc. is involved in the sale products and the provision of marketing and other services in Japan, as well as the information technology (IT) solutions, industrial equipment and healthcare businesses.  
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Since 1997 the Gesellschaft für Bild- und Signalverarbeitung (GBS) mbH has been a competent partner in the field of 3D Surface measurement for the solution of inspection tasks.